Austin Pet First Aid – Helping Save Pets’ Lives Since 2007

Austin Pet First Aid will give you the skills and confidence to help you help your pets in an emergency!

We all want what’s best for our pets – the best food we can find, toys that will make them happy, plenty of exercise, a comfortable place to sleep at night, and much more. We go out of our way to give our pets the best life possible.

But in your quest to give your pet the best life possible, have you learned what to do in case of an emergency? Would you know what to do if your pet came in with a bleeding gash on his leg, suffered a snake bite or bee sting, choked on a chew toy, or simply stopped breathing?

Austin Pet First Aid will provide you with the skills to help you give your pet a better chance of survival should an emergency occur.

Our pet first aid, CPR, and disaster preparedness course is perfect for anyone who is concerned about their pets’ safety – pet owners and pet professionals alike. The training includes live, online lectures, hands-on classroom demonstration, and evaluation of your new skills.

You’ll leave our classes with the confidence of knowing that you now have the knowledge and skills to help your pets in an emergency!

Did you know that, according to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), one out of four pets would survive an emergency if just one pet first aid technique was applied before getting them to an emergency veterinarian?